Finally, a money clip that works.

How It Works


It takes very little effort to operate your M-Clip properly. To create the easiest, most fluid action, lightly grip both slide bars at the very front and slide them back completely. (Do not grip the slides at the back when retracting them as this will make sliding them difficult.)

Apply pressure to the extended levers to open the clip. Do not hyper extend the slide bars or force the opening of the clip far beyond parallel.
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Being almost completely flat makes our money clips easier to carry and much thinner than traditional money clips and wallets.
You’ll wish we’d come up with this sooner.

Hold your cash and cards securely in one hand, place just the tip of the money clip's long side on the contents.

Put your finger through the hole and press the short side open until it will fit over the contents, then push the money clip on.

TIPS: It’s easiest to learn with just a few cards. Try flipping it over and using your index finger instead of your thumb.
You’ll have it figured out in just a few seconds!