Our Story

After almost 10 years, weíre just getting going good.

It all began with a desire to create the finest, most functional money clip you could buy. After almost ten years of making products that donít just work great, but look good doing it weíre branching out.

We are a family run business based in Savannah, Georgia. Our intention from the beginning was to make something unique and functional, but most of all - very high quality. Our money clipís patented sliding lever design has become what we are best known for, but growing requests for additional products has lead us to create some new, exciting products for 2013. The first items in our new line include cuff links, tie bars and key rings - all of which are made with the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Our aim is to create beautiful and enduring products that are great gifts, personal furnishings and fantastic custom gift items. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and appreciate you considering M-Clip. All of our products are made with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Always money clip users, we started out carrying a binder clip for years. Needing something that worked better and more importantly, looked better we designed our original prototypes.


From time to time we have a customer who needs the ability to lug along more cash and cards than the average person - a problem foreign to all of us here. For this unique individual we have created the ultimate solution, The High Roller money clip. This particular money clip allows you to carry over twice as much as our standard design - up to 150 bills or an equivalent combination of cards and cash.

Wondering what one does with all that stuff?


In our increasingly faux world, itís difficult to find many genuine things. Thatís where we differ.

Every product we make is done so using only real materials, sourced from the best suppliers available. Our exotics include genuine American alligator, crocodile, pacific stingray, Balinisian mother of pearl, abalone and various unique woods.

In our quest for the most unique gift items we enlisted the help of our good friends at Abel Fly Reels. Their skilled painters hand paint a line of fish graphic money clips for us that are unlike anything else in the world. These and the laser etched game fish images make our Sportsman collection one of our best selling gift items. Each is truly one of a kind.


We go to great lengths to make sure all of our products are made better than they have to be. Itís a desire to always improve - to do things as well as we possibly can.

Our cufflinks, money clips and other jewelry items are cut from solid bars of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. Each piece is meticulously crafted to be the highest quality you can find, at any price.


Think of us as your own personal shoppers. We resist a world of automated answering services and look forward to chatting any time you need us. Canít decide on the right cufflink, money clip combo or have questions about a custom order idea? Send us a note or call the office.

It has always been our goal to provide the best possible service we can, itís part of what defines us and sets us apart from the pack. Unique products, superior quality and friendly service.